Social Media: A New Communication Medium in Marketing

Gyan Management Journal
Year: 2016 (Jul-Dec), Volume: (10), Issue. (2)
First page: (85) Last page: (94)
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Social Media: A New Communication Medium in Marketing 
Sharad Malhotra

1Assistant Professor, Vidya Jyoti Educational Society

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22 Sep 2016

10 Oct 2016

Online Published:
12 Nov 2016

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Social media as the name indicates is the best way to socialize in the world. It is in fact the major tool  today used by any organization to communicate with the consumer about the products. Big companies  do branding through it for improving their market share. It is a new trend of communication that has  come up and has modified the behaviour of firm and consumer in the market. Many companies think  their existence on social media network as a strong base for their success in the market. From one  perspective it is clear that social media is of utmost use to communicate between businesses to business  (B to BJ and from business to customer (B to CJ most efficiently and effectively. To many business  organizations it has proved to be the boon that has created huge brand awareness and the business  revenue in this operation. This new approach is not only brand awareness but also a trust among the  new customers. The change in the thinking of the customer, the purchasing style he feel mostly related  to the market through this new tool. People share their views and in today’s trend it has not only  become the marketing tool but a major platform to communicate the voice of the people. From  producer’s aspect it has developed as a tool that reaches to the customer beyond its imagination and at  the same time it has given consumer the freedom and liberty to examine the products carefully and  critically.This study aims to study the impact of social media in the market. How it has helped the managements  to market their products and the relevance of social media in today’s life.  


Social media, marketing, benefits of social media.