Performance of MSMEs in India: Issues and Challenges

Gyan Management Journal
Year: 2016 (Jul-Dec), Volume: (10), Issue. (2)
First page: (57) Last page: (65)
Online ISSN: A/F
Print ISSN: 2250-348X

Performance of MSMEs in India: Issues and Challenges
Vishal Bhatnagar1 and Dr. Dhiraj Sharma2

1Research Scholar, IKGPTU, Kapurthala, Punjab
2Asstt. Prof, School of Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala

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25 Sep 2016

22 Oct 2016

Online Published:
16 Nov 2016

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Today, all over the world Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play an important role in the  development of an economy. The role and importance of MSME is very significant towards economic  growth, employment generation, exports. MSMEs produce more than 6,000 products range from  traditional to high technology items pearls, metals, electrical, electronic equipment, engineering,  pharmaceutical products, chemicals, iron and steel items etc. The MSME support the growth of large  industries by providing, components, accessories and semi finished goods required by these industries.  WSMEs face a number of problems like poor marketing strategies, bank finance, availability of raw  ‘naterial, non availability of highly skilled labor at affordable cost, low production capacity :onstraints in modernization and expansions, logistics problems and lack of power supply. The  jefinition of MSME also varies countries to countries. Present paper discusses the major issues and  :.hallenges faced by the MSMEs.  


Advance, Growth, credit deployment performance, total advances.