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Unlock the essence of cutting-edge research with ACS (Asia Consultancy Services). Our journals showcase meticulously crafted abstracts, providing succinct summaries of groundbreaking studies. Proudly indexed in esteemed databases such as Scopus, Web of Science (WoS), ABDC, NAAS, and UGC, our publications stand at the forefront of academic excellence. Explore the depth of knowledge and global impact through our meticulously indexed journals at ACS Publisher


  • SCI Indexed Journals

    ACS (Asia Consultancy Services) is dedicated to elevating the standards of scholarly publishing. Our Sci Index Journals showcase cutting-edge research articles, ensuring a robust platform for authors, editors, and reviewers. With a commitment to excellence, ACS Publishers strive to establish a benchmark in the publishing industry by providing a dynamic and reputable space for scientific discourse. Explore our journals to experience a world of impactful and rigorously peer-reviewed content.

  • Naas Indexed Journals

    Discover excellence in academic publications with ACS (Asia Consultancy Services). Our journals, proudly indexed by NAAS (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences), uphold the highest standards of quality and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in diverse fields. Explore cutting-edge research and scholarly articles that have been recognized for their significance and impact in the academic community. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation through our NAAS indexed journals. Elevate your research experience with ACS Publisher.

  • UGC Approved Journals

    ACS Publisher is renowned for its commitment to excellence in scholarly publishing. Our UGC-approved journals feature rigorous peer-review processes, ensuring the dissemination of high-quality research articles. With a focus on diverse fields, we provide a platform for authors to contribute to cutting-edge knowledge. Explore our journals for a trusted source of scholarly insights and a benchmark in the publishing industry.

  • Scopus Indexed Journals

    ACS Publisher is dedicated to fostering academic excellence through its Scopus indexed journals, providing a platform for research articles that meet high-quality standards. Elevate your scholarly impact with ACS's commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to the global research community. Explore our Scopus indexed journals for a reliable source of cutting-edge research in diverse fields.

  • (WOS )Web of Science...

    Establishing a benchmark in the Publishing Industry, ACS (Asia Consultancy Services) is a prominent player dedicated to Research Article publication, book publishing, and printing. With a focus on Research and Journal Publication, ACS aims to contribute significantly to the scholarly community. As an active participant in the industry, ACS Publisher is committed to delivering high-quality content and fostering academic excellence. Opinions on various topics within the publication domain are valued and considered to shape the evolving landscape of scholarly communication.

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