International Journal of Rehabilitation and Special Education

Publisher: ACS Publisher
Online ISSN: A/F
Number of issues per year: 4
Frequency: Quarterly
Review Process: Double Blind Peer Review, Refereed Journal
Month(s) of publication: Jan, Apr, Aug, Dec.
Coverage: 2021

Description: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REHABILITATION AND SPECIAL EDUCATION (IJRSE) offers an online open-access platform for researcher, scholars, and academicians. IJRSE publishes articles on a broad spectrum of Special Education and Rehabilitation. We publish research articles of great quality only after the approval from our reviewers. We have dedicated, sincere and highly experienced editorial team members from different countries and background to assist in developing quality of research papers.

The IJRSE is a double-blind peer-reviewed, quarterly, open-access journal. It covers the latest developments in the broad areas of Rehabilitation and Special Education. With its uniquely broad coverage, the journal offers readers free access to all new research issues relevant to Rehabilitation and Special Education. While the journal strives to maintain high academic standards and an international reputation through the suggestions of the international advisory board, it welcomes original, theoretical, and practical submissions from all over the world.

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