Shabd Bahar

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Shabd Bahar is a 50 Pages – Art Paper Book for LKG Class which teaches about the Construction of Hindi Words with Hindi Letters. Features: It begins with Revision of Hindi Letters – Swar and Vyanjan. Thereafter, Joining of 2 Letter Hindi Words – and Rhyming Words – are taught. Exercise is introduced to sharpen child’s understanding of the concept. Then, Sentences with 2 Letter Hindi words are explained – with Pictures – and Small Rhyming Sentences. Exercise is again added to test child’s understanding of the lesson. The same pattern of Lessons and Exercises are given to teach about 3 Letter Hindi Words and 4 Letter Hindi Words. Last but not the least – The Knowledge of ‘Hindi Matra’ – Aa, Aaa, Ee, Eee – are introduced with exercises to prepare the child for the next class (UKG).


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