Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences Section-B-Botany (Print Subscription)

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Publisher: Bpas Publication
Print ISSN:0970-4612
Online ISSN:2320-3196
Number of issues per year: 2
Print frequency: Half-Yearly
Month(s) of publication: June and December
Review Process: Double Blind Peer Review, Refereed Journal

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Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences- Botany

Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences Section-B-Botany is devoted to the international advancement of organized knowledge on all aspects of Botany. It is a well indexed scientific journal dedicated to publish high quality original research in the field of plant sciences. Scope of the journal includes: Cell and molecular biology, ecology, conservation biology and biodiversity, mycology and plant pathology, phycology, physiology and biochemistry, structure and development, systematics, phytogeography and paleobotany. ecology (ecosystematics, ecophysiology), taxonomy (chemotaxonomy), plant morpho anatomy palynology, paleopalynology plant diversity & evolution. It provides a forum for comments by publishing original research contributions, scientific survey, case studies, book review and letter to the Editor-in-Chief.


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