Consumer perception and readership pattern of toi readers – a case study

Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media (TJMITM)
Year: 2018 (Jan-Dec), Volume: (9), Issue. (1)
First page: (39) Last page: (46)
Online ISSN: A/F
Print ISSN: 2320-6470
doi: 10.48165/tjmitm.2018.0909

Consumer perception and readership pattern of toi readers – a case study 
Dr. Ishita Adhikari1,Rashi Sangal2

1Associate Professor, ASM, Dwarka
2PGDM IInd year student, ASM , Dwarka

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15 -04-2018


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India is one of the fastest developing countries today. The  increased newspaper readership is the result of its growing  literacy and access to news on multiple technology and social  media platforms. The research is based on overall consumer  behaviour towards selection of newspaper with special  reference with, India’s leading newspaper brand. Study of  consumer behaviour helps the organisations in improvisation of  various strategies by understanding customer psyche while  evaluating the various alternatives and selecting the best suited  one from all available. It also emphasises on factors influencing  buying decision and help the firm figure out the consumer’s  needs and accordingly provide customised products as desired  by them.  The current study demonstrates how individuals make decision  regarding the preferences towards the selection of a leading  newspaper brand. Further, the research provided information  which is useful in taking various marketing decision and helped  to reduce the risk of consumer shift to various other brands  prevailing in the market. The study was conducted through a  survey of respondent’s residing in NCR, Delhi. The research  concluded that promotional schemes offered by Times of India  had a positive correlation with the buying behaviour of the  subscribers. However there is a need to strengthen the  awareness of the promotional schemes on regular basis and  establishing a strong emotional connect with the readers. Print media is one of the most powerful and cost effective  medium to transfer information and knowledge. The print media  industry in India is over century old. Additionally it is a settled  industry. This industry basically involves in publishing daily  papers and magazines. India has the second biggest population  and one of the fastest developing economies on the planet. Along  these the expanding level of income of people, groups and the  strong rivalry in this industry help print media in its development. As per Arc Gate (2010), Indian Magazine Market Overview,  “sensational impacts of internet and globalization in current  situation are playing high effect on media industry. Individuals presently consuming news and data from web through  computers or mobiles, the fame of print media is not decreasing.  To avoid a decline of market share in comparison with other  media instruments, the producer should be able to produce high  quality printed content and magazines”.


people, groups , newspaper , behaviour