The Role of Innovation in Social Media and Business Function

Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media (TJMITM)
Year: 2015 (Jan-Dec), Volume: (6), Issue. (1)
First page: (76) Last page: (79)
Online ISSN: A/F
Print ISSN: 2320-6470

The Role of Innovation in Social Media and Business Function
Gopal Thakur

1HOD & Program Coordinator; BJMC, Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education, New Delhi
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14 -04-2015


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This research study examines the nature of innovation between social  media and business function using selected entrepreneurs in Madhubani,  Bihar as respondents. At present, scores of businesses have a presence on  social networks as a way of supporting their business processes such as  marketing. The objectives of the study are; (a) The extent to which social  media networks are used by entrepreneurs (b) To find out the purpose of  social network (c) To know the effect of social media on sales turnover  and (d)To identify the effect of social networking on business function.  The study used survey research method with structured questionnaire  that was distributed among the sampled respondents. The findings of the  study revealed that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were the mostly visit ed social network by the entrepreneurs for business purposes. The result  further revealed that social network has significant effect on sales turn over. It allows an enterprise to connect with both existing and potential  customers, engage with them and reinforce a sense of community around  the enterprise’s offering(s). 


Facebook, Twitter, Entrepreneurs, Social Network