The Ethics of Recruitment and Selection Practices

Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media (TJMITM)
Year: 2013 (Jan-Dec), Volume: (4), Issue. (1)
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The Ethics of Recruitment and  Selection Practices

Shalini Sahni

Assistant professor of Human Resource Management at Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of professional studies, Dwarka, New Delhi

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11 -04-2013


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Recruitment and selection is a backbone of human resource management (HRM) practices and its incorporation to business is vital to organizational success. When people sense the difficulty in cracking the interview it is related to unfairness and unethical hiring during the selection process. This paper examines the difference between ethics, Morals and values which people boast about while making important business decisions like hiring. A decision of recruitment that is becoming the burden is exercising unethical hiring practices. Most unethical hiring practices occur when a company decides to hire an employee based on his or her race, color, religion, appearance sex or national origin. This paper examines the patterns which people adapt for hiring to face the challenge and beat the competition in the industry. A secondary research has been conducted with an objective to analyze why people engage in discriminatory acts while hiring. It has been found that employees sometimes feel pressure to sacrifice ethics in today’s competitive market wrong practices. Ethics is the study of morality and Morals are the standards used to judge right and wrong, Values is the degree of conviction about the way to conduct a life and decides how one acts in a situation .Value influence every facet of human behavior (Rokeach,1973) – attitudes, decisions, moral judgments, evaluations, and social action. Studies in the past suggest the importance of personal values to ethical practices and work behaviour (Akaah and Lund,1994; Posner and Schmidt,1993) This paper proposes a conceptual framework which links the various psychological factors and behaviors that are adapted while making recruitment and selection decisions for the organization. A secondary qualitative study has been conducted where the cases have been referred to confirm the theories given by the researchers in the past. Decision makers feel that they are empowered to make any type of decisions and usually overlook the rules and policies of hiring. When people sense the difficulty in cracking the interview it is related to unfairness and place due to increased expectations and cutbacks.


HRM Practices, Organization, unethical hiring practices,  hiring discrimination, behavior