Traditional Teacher-Oriented Learning to Student-Oriented Learning

Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media (TJMITM)
Year: 2011 (Jan-Dec), Volume: (2), Issue. (1)
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Traditional Teacher-Oriented Learning to Student-Oriented Learning
Megha Grover

1Assistant Prof , Delhi School of Professional Study & Research , Delhi
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10 -04-2011


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Student-centered learning (also called child centered learning) is an approach to education focusing on tho  needs of the students, mthor than thoso of othors  involved m the l’ducatlonal procoss, such os toachers  and admInistrators. This approach hes many  implications for tho dosign of curnculum, course content,  and mreractivif} of courses In terms of curriculum  prachc • the studont has the choice in what they want to  study and ho1, they are going to apply their newfound  knou1edo According to Ernie Stnnger. “Student  leammg -processes are greatly enhanced when they  participate in deciding how they may demonstrate their  competence in a body of knowledge or the performance  of skills This pedagogical implication enables the  student to establx`ish his or her unique teaming  obJect,ves. This aspect of teaming holds the teamer  accountable for production of knowledge that he or she  is capable of producing  


child centered , education ,curriculum