Theories of Learning

Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media (TJMITM)
Year: 2011 (Jan-Dec), Volume: (2), Issue. (1)
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Theories of Learning 
Arplta Kaul1 and Apurva Bhatia2*

1Assistant Professor Rukmani Devi Institute Of Advance Studies New Delhi
2Student Rukmani Devi Institute Of Advance Studies New Delhi
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17 -04-2011


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 In today’s world where there is so much f? learn an~ t,me  is less, the question arises of how effective and efficient  teaching can be made. Teaching is nowadays not only. limite<:f to imparting the  knowledge but it has become – ,mpartmg the knowle~ge  in a way it can be retained by the stude?ts and ~pplted.The following paper brings to light the various learning  theories and how they are used in teaching.


effective , efficient  , mpartmg