2021 October TOC


Challenges Faced by B.P.L. Population in Availing Public  Healthcare – Analysing Government Initiatives, Technology and  Cultural Barriers in Aligarh District, U.P
Fahad Afzal, P.S. Raychaudhuri, Mohd Atif Afzal & Afaq Amir Ahmad
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2501

Effects of Storage Structure Type and Pesticide Type on The  Physico-Chemical Properties of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculatus) After  Three Months’ Storage: The Case of Daffiama Bussie Issa District
Kwadwo Asante Berchie & Prosper Maaledoma
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2502

Language Dynamism: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Indonesian  Political Leader Speech During Covid-19 Pandemic
Slara Ayu Wulandari, Yoga Prihatin & Masfuad Edi Santoso
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2503

Ethnographic Study on Changing Regime of Milk Production in  Nepal
Sahadev Gautam, Dipak Tharu, & Saroj Pokharel
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2504

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) for Covid-19 Epidemic Affected  People
Zanab Safdar, Kalsoom Safdar, Ruqia Safdar Bajwa, Shafiq Hussain & Ahmad Karim
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2505

The Impact of the Professional Competence of the Internal Auditor  in Improving the Quality of Accounting: Analytical Study 
Jasim Rahi Kadim, Yousif Mousa Sabti, Ghazanfar Ali, Wameedh A. Khdair & Karim  Hazen Shaltag
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2506

Challenges of Public Participation: A Qualitative Study
Safiah Suhaimi
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2507

Business Process Re-Engineering and Its Effective Impact on Job  Performance in South Refineries Company
Wameedh A. Khdair
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2508

Review of Economic Stimulus Packages to Fight the Covid-19  Pandemic: Evidence from Malaysia
Waqas Mehmood, Rasidah Mohd-Rashid, Attia Aman-Ullah, & Owais Shafique
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2021.2509