Climate Change Mitigation in India Today: A Review of Policy and Practice

South Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
Year: 2020 (Dec), Volume: 1, Issue. (3)
First page: (32) Last page: (41)
Online ISSN: 2582-7065
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1303

Climate Change Mitigation in India Today: A Review of Policy  and Practice 
Smrithi K Chand
School of Livelihoods and Development, TISS Hyderabad 
Corresponding Author: Smrithi K Chandy, E-mail: 

Online Published on 02-December-2020


Climate change is one of the most widely debated issues, with far reaching adverse effects on agriculture, irrigation and water supply, health, energy, and so on. A universal understanding  as well as coordinated action at the national level is required to address the impacts of climate  change. There is a lot of contestation about the emission rate and carbon footprints of developed  and developing countries. The major consensus lies in this area is that while developed  countries contributed initially to the increased Green House Gases, while in the future, the  blame is on developing nations. The adaptive capacity of the people in developing countries is generally low in developing countries, due to the inadequate attention given to this issue. However, the international policies adopted including the Kyoto protocol provisions and the  efforts made by the UNFCCC are not enough to deal this global issue. Sustainable development  strategies can be adopted by choosing energy-efficient ways, new and updated modifications  in science and technology, renewable energy, advanced forestry methods, reforestation, and  water saving strategies. Minimizing the vulnerability of the people belonging to different social  and economic classes and ecosystems requires paramount consideration in the developing  nations. Developing countries like India are facing the responsibility of mitigation and adaption  strategies, affording the cost of such attempts and its inference for economic development.


Climate change, India, mitigation, vulnerability, policy

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