2020 Dec TOC

Publisher: ACS Publisher
Year: 2020, Volume: 1, Issue. (3), December- 2020
Online ISSN: 2582-7065
Number of issues per year: 6
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Month(s) of publication: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec


Challenges Facing Teenage Mothers in School, Teachers’ Perspective: The Case of WA West District
Amos Amuribadek Adangabe  
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1301

Epigenetics and Environmental Roles: The Reality of Igbo-Jewish Link
Omeje Oguejiofor1 and Cindy Anene Ezeugwu 
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1302

Climate Change Mitigation in India Today: A Review of Policy and Practice
Smrithi K Chand
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1303

Tracing the Emergence and Growth of Ecocritical Language 
Tabeeda Binti Bashir 
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1304

Behavioural Intent of Indian Consumers to Accept Mobile Banking Services
Bushra Khalid and Aalia Sheerin 
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1305

Assessing the Existence of Gravity Model for Bangladesh’s Trade: A Panel Data Analysis
Kamrul Hasan Maruf , Subrata Saha, Rakibul Hasan Baten, Dilruba  Akter
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1306

Explaining the May 9th Regime Change in Malaysia: Ethnic Boundary, Social Differentiation, National Ethos and Political Changes
Mansor Mohd Noor 
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1307

Community Care of Geriatric Population in Pandemic & Beyond
Rajendra Singh
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1308

Nigeria-Israeli Relations: “So Fragile So Emotional”
Ngozika Anthonia Obi-Ani and Paul Obi-Ani
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1309

Emphasis on Curriculum Contents in Civic Education for Secondary School in Nigeria
Anderson Paingha Sele 
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1310

Implementation of New Technology in Service Industry: Are the Consumers Ready?
Muharis Mohamed and Ataul Karim Patwary
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1311

Transgender Issues in Indian Society from the Viewpoint of Arundhati Roy’s Novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
Danish Suleman and Faizahani binti Ab Rehman
doi: 10.48165/sajssh.2020.1312