Forgiveness as a moderator for the relationship between suicidal behavior and anger expression among University students

South Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
Year: 2020 (August), Volume: 1, Issue. (1)
First page: (68) Last page: (81)
Online ISSN: 2582-7065

Forgiveness as a moderator for the relationship between suicidal behavior and anger expression among University students
Zainab Bibi1 & Sammrah Javaid2
1&2Department of Applied Psychology, Bahaudin Zakriya University, Pakistan.
Corresponding Author: Zainab Bibi, E-mail:


Anger is an expression, ranging from calm to compelling, and often manifests itself when people’s destinations or needs are blocked. Most of the time the main reason behind poor physical and mental health like suicidal ideation and negative thoughts relates to anger. according to the World Health Organization (2005), about 2% of the world’s death is due to suicide. People’s healthy relationship is forgiveness. In the Expression of anger in a fruitful and less harming way, forgiveness plays a vital role as it reduces negative outcomes of anger and makes people express their feelings in a positive way Several studies promote that forgiveness reduces the anger outcome that may further lead to suicidal ideation.
The present study investigates the moderating role of forgiveness for the link of anger expression and suicidal behavior among students. The current study determined to discover the connection between suicidal behavior and anger expression and check the moderating effect of forgiveness. A total of 250 students which included 120 male and 130 female students were taken from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan by using a convenient sampling technique as participants for the study. Their age range was between 19-26 years old. Suicidal behavior questionnaire- revised developed by (Osman A, Bagge CL 2001), Heartland forgiveness scale developed by (Yamhure Thompson, Laura; Snyder, C. R. (Rick); and Hoffman, Lesa 2005) and Novaco anger scale and provocation inventory (Novaco, 2003) was used to measure suicidal ideation, forgiveness attitude, and anger expression respectively. Results show an insignificant difference between males and females scores on suicide, forgiveness, and anger with a p-value of .483, .401, and .415 at the alpha level of 0.05 respectively. The present study concludes that Males are often more aggressive than females and age have a significant impact on expressing anger. Present studies show that forgiveness act as a moderator for the relationship of anger and suicidal ideation as (t=-2.123. p<0.05).

Keywords: Forgiveness, anger expression, suicidal behavior