Overcome the Coronavirus

Information on coronavirus disease, powerful health tips to boost your immunity, amazing multi-herbal juices to beat covid-19, and innovative formulas to develop vaccines
S.A. Kader
Email id: writersakader@gmail.com


Every medicine and therapy evolved from the medical history was made of multidimensional combinations and approaches. The more approaches and combinations you are able to make, the more powerful medical treatments you are able to create or the more solutions you are able to come across. With this new research based on multiple approaches and combinations related to seven basic elements of the universe, parts of plants, fats of living things, and 118 chemical elements, it is possible to develop unlimited vaccines and gain powerful immunity for overcoming not only the coronavirus but also every other disease. In the first chapter, you will know some highly useful information on coronavirus and covid-19. In the second chapter, you will discover some amazing ingredients for multi-herbal juices to beat covid-19. In the third chapter, you will discover several powerful health tips on boosting immunity. In the last chapter, there are numerous innovative ideas on developing vaccines to overcome the coronavirus disease. In this fast-paced world, most of us are not interested to read books as it takes a lot of time and typical non-fiction books make us boring with explanations and illustrations. For example, if you extract a 100 page book, the key points of the book will be around just five pages and the rest will be mere elaborations. However, this book will not make you feel boring with descriptions and elaborated paragraphs as it focuses on only relevant points. Hope that this book would be a great panacea for the patients affected with coronavirus and those affected with other viruses. And also, it can play a major role in developing vaccines for every disease. If you are medical scientists who think that the suggestions given in the book are too general, please contact me for a specific suggestion of vaccine formula that can beat COVID-19.