Journal of Agriculture and Allied fields- Urea Molasses Mineral Block

Journal for Reviews on Agriculture and Allied fields
Year : 2018:Volume : 1, Issue : 1 (Jan – Dec)
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Urea Molasses Mineral Block Feeding to Animals – An Effective Technology for Dairy Farmers

¹Associate Director ( Training) , Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kapurthala 144620 (Punjab)
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Online published on 02 Feb, 2019.


The rearing of livestock plays an important role in the development of rural economy. The livestock husbandry not only provides milk, meat, wool, manure, urine energy etc. but also provides self-employment for unemployed youth. At present about more than 60-65 % of the rural population is engaged in rearing of livestock. It is evident that the average productivity of milch animals is quite
low. This may probably be due to low genetic potential for milk production, poor nutrition and poor management and care of the animals. Therefore, proper feeding of the animals is essential for improving their productive potential. Since, there is a shortage of 63.5 % green fodder, 23.56 % Dry fodder and 64 % concentrate feed for Indian livestock (Dikshit and Birthal, 2010) so, small dairy farmers face great difficulty in feeding their dairy animals for getting optimum production. Under such situation


Rural women, gender mainstreaming, gender sensitization, women labour.