Journal of Agriculture and Allied fields- Boron Deficiency in Soils and Plants

Journal for Reviews on Agriculture and Allied fields
Year : 2018:Volume : 1, Issue : 1 (Jan – Dec)
Print ISSN : AF. Online ISSN : AF

Boron Deficiency in Soils and Plants and its Management for Sustainable Agriculture

*¹Ruma Das, ¹Debarup Das, ¹Shrila Das, ¹Renu Singh,¹Mandira Barman, ¹Sunanda Biswas and ¹Abir

Dey Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kapurthala 144620 (Punjab)     

Corresponding Author:                                           

Online published on 02 Feb, 2019.


Boron (B) is the second most important deficient element in soils of India. Deficiency of B causes visual symptoms in plants and significant yield loss. The availability of B to plants is controlled by many soil properties like soil texture, organic matter content, pH, presence of Fe and Al oxides etc. The eastern and north eastern parts of India are highly affected by B deficiency. The management of B is very important for agriculture in the sustainable point of view because it is related to soil health. The toxicity and deficiency limit of B is very narrow, hence, all the soil parameters and plant type must be considered before recommendation of B fertilizer rates for different soils. This paper is a review of the boron deficiency in soils and plants in India and also the trends in management for sustainable agriculture.


Boron deficiency, Soil plant management, Sustainable Agriculture.