A Review on Effective Tools

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Year : 2018, Volume : 1, Issue : 1
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A Review on Effective Tools and Technology for Enhancing
Wheat Productivity

Dhiman Mukherjee
Officer in charge of AICRP on Wheat and Barley Improvement Project, BCKV, Kalyani.   

Corresponding author email id:dhiman_mukherjee@yahoo.co.in                                                

Online published on 02 Feb, 2019.


The relationship between farm size and land productivity in terms of crop production, has been widely debated and explanations for the inverse relationship between farm size and land productivity have been put forward and tested. However, in cultivating wheat this relation can be changed by adoption of improved agronomic interventions and site specific tools and technology. In this review paper, an attempt has been taken enlist few tools and techniques for enhancing wheat productivity at farm levels. It is a fact that the grain yield of wheat crop depends upon a number of package of practices adopted like variety sown, seed treatment, type of soil, seed rate, method of sowing, weed control etc. Different farmers follow different practices to raise a crop and the yield also depends on the prevailing weather conditions under changing climate scenario, and improved mitigated technology during the crop growing season. It is due to this the production varies from farmer to farmer. The net profit from crops is shrinking day by day owing to the rising cost of required inputs; therefore, it is imperative to enhance wheat production as well as reduced cost of production incurred by the farmers, by adopting suitable well established techniques and tools for cultivation.


Kiwifruit, Arunachal Pradesh wheat, productivity, climate change, cultivation practices, management