Prospects of Drudgery Reducing Equipments in Paddy for Farm Women in Odisha; Availability and Options

Journal of Agriculture and Allied fields
Year: (2020), Volume: (2), Issue. (1)
First page: (35) Last page: (48)
Online ISSN: A/F

Prospects of Drudgery Reducing Equipment’s in Paddy for Farm Women in Odisha; Availability and Options

J Bhuyan1*, DK Mohanty2, D Jayapuria3 and S Pal4

1Scientist (Home Science),  2Senior Scientist and Head, 3SMS (Extension  Agril.), 4Scientist (Home Science), KVK, Mayurbhanj-I, Shamakhunta, Odisha,

Corresponding Author Email:

Online Published: 10-April-2021

Received: 28th November 2020

Accepted: 21st February 2021

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Rural Indian women are extensively involved in agricultural activities. The nature and extent of their involvement differs with the variations in agro production systems. The mode of female participation in agricultural production varies with the landowning status of farm households. In over all farm production, women’s average contribution is estimated at 55% to 66% of the total labour with percentages, much higher in certain regions. In the Indian Himalayas a pair of bullocks works 1064 hours, a man 1212 hours and a woman 3485 hours in a year on a once hectare farm, a figure that illustrates women’s significant contribution to agricultural production


monotonous, landowning, equipments, percentages