Poultry Carcass Meal as an Unconventional Protein Source in Feeding of Goat Kids

Publisher: ACS Publisher
Journal of Agriculture and Allied fields
First page: (33) Last page: (39)
Year: (2019), Volume: (1), Issue. (1)
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Poultry carcass meal as an unconventional protein source in
feeding of goat kids

Kotresh Prasad C¹, John Abraham², Barman D¹, Mahanthesh M T¹,Girish Panchbhai¹, Maneesh Ahirwar¹
²Assistant Professor, Department of Livestock Production and Management
College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pookode, Wayanad, Kerala
¹Ph.D. Scholars, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal – 132001 (Haryana)                  
Corresponding author email id: Kotresh232@gmail.com                            

Online published on 02 Feb, 2019.


Creep feeding may not always be economical in kids, especially on farms where high quality and quantity of forage is available. It is, therefore, important to pay close attention to feed price, weight gains and the market value of the additional weight gained. The prices of conventional feed ingredients are increasing at the same time the vast availability of crop residues and un-conventional feed ingredients can be used for formulating economic ration without adversely affecting health and productivity of livestock. The animal protein meal which is commonly incorporated in the feeds of livestock includes meat meal made from poultry, cattle and sheep carcasses and blood meal. Poultry carcass meal is a sterile and economic unconventional feed source, which can be incorporated in the feed of ruminants replacing costly conventional protein sources. Carcass meal feeding can be recommended to improve the body weight gains of Malabari kids during the pre-weaning period without any ill effects on health.


Poultry carcass meal, goat feeding.