2019 Jan-Dec Toc

Publisher: ACS Publisher
Online ISSN: A/F
Number of issues per year: 1
Frequency: Yearly
Month(s) of publication: Jan-Dec


Different Ways and Means of Paddy Straw Management: A Review
Bindu, Jatinder Manan and Manoj Sharma

False Smut Disease in Rice and its Integrated Management
Sanjeet Kumar, Seema Kumari, Bidya Shankar Sinha, Shambhu Roy, R N Singh and R K Sohane

Kiwifruit Landscape: The Arunachal Pradesh Story
N D Singh, Divya Pandey, T S Mishra, M K Singh and V K Misra

Organic Nutrition Management of Papaya-A Review
Bindu B

Poultry Carcass Meal as an Unconventional Protein Source in Feeding of Goat Kids
Kotresh Prasad C, John Abraham, Barman D, Mahanthesh MT, Girish Panchbhai and Maneesh Ahirwar

Review on Effective Tools and Technology for Enhancing Wheat Productivity
Dhiman Mukherjee

Review on Boron Deficiency in Soils and Plants and its Management for Sustainable Agriculture
Ruma Das, Debarup Das, Shrila Das, Renu Singh, Mandira Barman,Sunanda Biswas and Abir Dey

Review on Integrated Pest Management in Muskmelon
Gurmeet Singh and Manoj Sharma

Roles, Values and Rights of Indian Women in the Prospective of Modern Agriculture- A Review
Sunita Kushwah

Socio-Economic Considerations of Valorization of Food Processing By-Product
P N Ananth, Radhakrishnan Kalidoss , P Natarajan and J K Sundaray

Urea Molasses Mineral Block Feeding to Animals – An Effective Technology for Dairy Farmers
Manoj Sharma, Rohit Gupta and Gurdeep Singh