Organizational Climate And Employees Job Performance Implications For Agricultural Institutions

Journal of Extension System
Year: 2020 (Dec), Volume: (36), Issue. (2)
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Online ISSN: 2582-273X
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Organizational Climate And Employees Job Performance Implications For Agricultural Institutions

Bolaji G. ABIONA1, Dele A. ADESANYA2,Oluwatosin A. ADEYEYE3, Anuoluwapo E. AJIBOYE4, and Michael T. AJAYI5

1 Department of Agricultural Administration, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta,PMB-2240,Ogun State, Nigeria  
**Department of Industrial Relation and Human Resource Management, Olabisi Onabanjo University, PMB-2020, Ogun State, Nigeria

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Online Published:
22 Jun 2021

3 Aug 2020

5 Nov 2020

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This study determined the effects of organizational climate on employees’ job performance in  selected Agricultural Research Institutes in Oyo State, Nigeria. Data were collected from 150randomly selected respondents using structured questionnaire. The mean age of the respondents was 33 years.Organizational climate factors enhancing employees’ job performance were: availability of facilities&resources (x̄- 19.12), award systems (x̄- 16.99), training programs (x̄=15.96), leadership styles (x̄= 15.54), and employee’s empowerment (x̄=12.98). Also, employees’ perceived indicators of their job performance were punctuality at work (x̄= 4.23) and complementation of task (x̄= 4.21). The regression analysis indicated that leadership styles (b1= 3.835, p<0.05), award systems (b1= -3.188, p<0.05), employees empowerment (b1= 3.061, p<0.05), training programs (b1=2.361, p<0.05) and availabilities of resources (b1= 2.098, p<0.05) had significant influence on job performance. The study concluded that organizational climate is positively and statistically significant to employees’ job performance. 


Climate, employees, job, performance, organization and implications.