Indian Journal of Applied Basic Medical Sciences-author-guidelines

Author Guidelines

About Journal:
peer reviewed journal. The journal is encouraging original research work, articles, original review articles, case reports and short communications of interest to the medical fraternity.
The journal is published by “FORUM: Fraternity Of national Research publication
Society of Medical sciences”. FORUM is registered UNDER NON-PROFIT SOCIETY AND CHARITY ACT having Registration No. GUJ/17809/Ahmadabad and
F/17323/Ahmadabad. This open-access journal is published online as well as in print format since 1999. It has remained one of the oldest and pioneering journals in Gujarat, India. It has also influenced and inspired many other Indian journals with advancing years.
Aim and scope of Journal
The aim of this journal is focused on integrating applied basic medical sciences. These are subjects taught in medical and paramedical colleges by academic and clinical faculties.
FORUM is a platform that delivers scientific data and information by applied basic medical colleges of India which are useful for investigators in various disciplines of medical sciences. The journal is a good platform for researchers and faculties in various medical subjects both horizontally and vertically as always emphasized by the Medical Council of India. It opens a scope for expanding the horizon of integrated researches and research in medical education per se. It is observed by editorials that there is a genuine deficit in enhancing the researches of applied basic medical sciences. Thence, the Indian Journal of Applied Basic Medical Sciences provides a communication channel that aims and tries to fulfill this deficit.
Open access statement
The Publisher, Editorial, and Advisory members of INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED- BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES are pleased to announce that it will be easily accessible online as well as in print format. The online articles and data are published which will be freely available for reading and downloading on our official
website (Open Access statement)
The Publisher, Editorial, and Advisory members of INDIAN JOURNAL OF
APPLIED- BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES allow readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles to use them for any other lawful purpose as per Budapest Open Access Initiative’s definition of Open Access.
The Publisher, Editorial, and Advisory members of INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED- BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES allows the author(s) to hold the copyright and publishing rights without restrictions.

The manuscript should be submitted to the editor through e-mail or CD/DVD/Pen-drive prepared in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). The manuscript should be submitted online either to or However, 2 printed copies on A-4 size paper of the manuscript should also be sent. Out of that one should be without name(s) of the author(s) and institute.
Manuscript must be written in clear and concise English. Either British or American spelling is acceptable.
It should be drafted in Microsoft word format (.doc or .docx) on A-4 Size paper with double spacing.
Font Type: Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica
Font size: 12
• Review Article:
Abstract up to 250 words; Up to 4000 words, excluding 50 references
• Original Article:
Abstract up to 250 words; Up to 3000 words, excluding 20 references
• Case report & Brief Communication:
Up to 1000 words, excluding abstract limited to 150 words.
• Letter to Editor:
Up to 500 words and 5 references
Title Page:
This should include the following:
• Title of the article: Concise and informative
• Mention the category of manuscript such as case report, original article or short
communication etc.
• Name of all Authors: Author’s Full name, Affiliation: Department, Institution, City,
Pin-code And Country.
• Name, Mailing address, phone number and e-mail ID of corresponding author
For full research paper, the abstract should be structured into four components such as
Background & objectives, Methods, Results, and Interpretation & conclusion. Use only
standard abbreviations.
Key words:
Provide maximum 3 key words separated by coma.
Research Paper:
This should have structured into following subheadings,

  1. Introduction,
  2. Material and Methods,
  3. Results,
  4. Discussion,
  5. Conclusion,
  6. Acknowledgements(if any),
  7. Funding and Conflict of Interest
  8. References
    The author should mention about whether oral written consent from the subject has taken. Mention whether approvals of Institute Research Council and Ethics Committees were obtained prior to commencement of the study.
    Only standard abbreviations should be used and should be preceded by the full form on its first appearance. Generic name of the drugs are preferred to the trade names.
    Tables, Figures and Illustrations:
    Tables: Each table and figure should be typed on separate page. Number the tables consecutively and provide a brief title for each. Do not submit tables as photographs. Please make sure each table is cited within the text, e.g. (Table 3).
    Figures and illustrations:
    Each figure should have a label properly. If photographs of persons are used, either the subjects must not be identifiable or their picture must be accompanied by a written permission to use the photograph. Figures have to send as soft copies, they should be submitted as separate JPEG or PDF files. Photographs should be glossy, clear and should be marked at the back with pencil containing name of the article and author(s) and should indicate the top of the figure by an arrow. Color prints can be made at the author’s expense.
    Legends should be typed on a separate page.
    Reference number should be in the numerical order in which they are first cited in the text as Vancouver style. It should be written in superscript and not in parenthesis.
    All authors will receive two complimentary copies of the Journal.
    The journal is published by FORUM: Fraternity Of national Research & publication
    Society of Medical sciences. FORUM is registered UNDER NON-PROFIT SOCIETY AND CHARITY ACT [Reg. No GUJ/17809/Ahmadabad and F/17323/Ahmadabad]. The journal runs on regular donation. Journal does not take any article processing charges (APCs) or article submission charges. Our dedicated, committed and motivated editorial committee members are always ready to review any new article and help in guiding senders of the article. All the services are free of cost.
    After reviewing and accepting the article, we take nominal printing charges i.e. at present Rs 750-00 i.e. Seven Hundred and fifty Indian rupees only per page. And this charge is variable depending on the size of the article.