2020 July TOC

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Online ISSN: 2249-7935
Print ISSN: 0975-8917
Number of issues per year: 2
Frequency: Half-Yearly
Month(s) of publication: January and June


Space Medicine
Janardan Bhatt

 Role of Heart Rate Response to Standing and Valsalva Manoeuvre Measurement in  Diagnosing Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus.
Bhavna A. Selot and Bijal Mehul Shah
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.1 

 Severe Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions : a Prospective Study of Epidemiology and  Clinical Pattern.
Khushbu R. Modi and  Neela M Patel  
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.2 

A Split Face Comparative Study of Microneedling With Platelet Rich Plasma Versus Fractional Co2 Laser With Platelet Rich Plasma in Management of Atrophic Acne Scars
Avanitaben Solanki, Kartavya Banker, Jigna Barot and Niraj Dhinoja Dhinoja
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.3 

Comparative Study Between Usg Guided Aspiration and Incision and Drainage in  Breast Abscess. 
Mukesh S.suvera,naman K. Patel,deval J. Poriya,sharad M. Patel,pranay L.  Chaudhari Chiral L. Bamaniya
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.4

A Study On Different Modalities Of Diagnosis And Treatment Of Right Iliac Fossa Mass
Krunal D. Chandana, Aalay Parikh, Dhruv Patel, Pratik Bhagat4 and Jaymin Jaysingani
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.5 

Role of Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Brain Pathologies
Deepak Rajput , Drusty K. Majmudar , Amit G. Rathod
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.6 

Management of Spontaneous Pneumothorax In ER of A Tertiary Care Hospital – An Observational Study.
Rakesh A Avaiya, Harsha D Makwana, Ronak Joshi and Advait Thakor
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.7 

A Comparative Study Between Open Inguinal Hernia Repair and Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair
Mukesh S Suvera, Swastik A Solanki, Prakash M Chaudhary and Ranjitsinh S Darbar
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.8 

Comparison of Higher Order Aberrations in Keratoconic Eyes With Regular High Astigmatic Eyes
Usman Memon ,Rennie Kapoor , Zalak Shah ,  Helly Shah , BN Kinnari Kalaria 
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.9 

A Comparative Retro-Spective Study Between Excision Followed by Secondary  Healing and Limberg’s Flap Surgery for Pilonidal Sinus
Mitkumar Rojesara , Jaimish Gajjar, Ankit Bagdai
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.10

Comparative Evaluation Of Intrathecal Fentanyl and Midazolam As An Adjuvant With Hyperbaric Bupivacaine In Caesarean Section
Sejal R. Parmar, Rupal B. Shah, Kinjal B.Patel, Dhwani V. Soni and Helly S. Mehta
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.11 

Comparative Study of Oral Submucosal Fibrosis Management With Two Drug  Combination (triamcinolone and Hyaluronidase) V/s Three Drug Combination  (triamcinolone, Hyaluronidase and Placental Extract)
Meeta R. Bathla , Navdeep M. Chavda, Aniket A. Kansara , Hiren G. Doshi, Atul H.  Kansara, Karnadev J. Solanki   
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.12 

Choledochalcyst In Childhood
Kushwaha and Jigar Patel
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.13 

Comparison of Intrathecal Bupivacaine With Nalbuphine and Bupivacaine With  Fentanyl in Inguinal Hernia Surgery 
Sushmita K Shah , Drashti A Vavadia , Vidhi A Gajjar , Pinal Bhikadiya  Aishwarya Raj   Vibhuti Shah 
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.14 

Anaesthetic Management of Paediatric Patients Undergoing Scoliosis Surgery in  Camp
 Asmita Chaudhary,  Ankita Patel,  Pooja Patel , Hiral Solanki , Dhara Kakadiya,  
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.15 

Choledochal Cyst: a Surgical Experience 
Premal R. Desai, Hasmukh B. Vora,  Mahendra S. Bhavsar 
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.16 

 Comparison of Preoperative Rectal Diclofenac and Rectal Paracetamol & Their Combination for Postoperative Analgesia in Paediatric Patients 
Shweta Patel and Manisha S.Kapdi
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.17 

A Comparative Study Between Two Monitoring Techniques of Awake Blind Nasal Intubations in Cases of Restricted Mouth Opening
Bipin K Shah, Dhara Shah, Hitesh Chelani, Krishna Shah, Sanjay Baldaniya and  Indu A Chadha
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.18 

Breast Feeding Practices up to 6 Months in Infants of Urban Area: a Hospital Based  Survey 
Bijal Shah , Deepa Banker,  Shakil Vadaliwala,  Aamir Saiyed,  Nirmal Zala,  Arpit  Viroja 
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.19 

Efficacy and Safety of Mgso4 as Adjuvant to Local Anaesthetic Agent in Anatomical  Landmark Guided Tap Block for Perioperative Anaesthesia & Analgesia in Unilateral  Open Hernia Repair
Shivangi Patel,  Manisha S. Kapdi,
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.20 

Cocktail Therapy for Severe Grade 3 and Grade 4 Acne Scars 
Apeksha Merja,  Khushbu R. Modi,  
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2020.22/B.35.21 

Role of High-Resolution Computed Tomography (hrct) Temporal Bone in Different Pathologies
Hiren Doshi, karnadev Solnaki, Meeta Bathla, Atul Kansara, Navdeep Chavda and Ritiksha Gajjar
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22222

A Comparative Study of Coloading and Preloading With Balanced Crystalloids for Prevention of Post-Spinal Hypotension in Patients Undergoing Elective Caesarean Section
Vidhi A. Gajjar, Darshana R. Shah, Vibhuti A. Shah, Vishwa Shah, Khyati Patel, Hardik Kavar
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22223

Observational Study of Demographic and Management Protocols of Intestinal Obstruction in Tertiary Care Centres of Urban Population
Aakash G. Rathod, Shashikant V. Umaraniya ,Jaykumar J. Mandanka ,Zeel U. Khandla and Dhaval V. Patel
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22224

 A Study of Early Enteral Feeding Versus Nil by Mouth in Case of Resection  Anastomosis or Perforation Primary Repair 
Krunal D. Chandana ,  Sameer G. Parikh,  Jay B. Pandya
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22225 

Correlation Between Weight of Spectacle and the Contact Area of Nose Pads With Respect to Standard Alignment
Hardee Punjabi, Usman Memon,Kalaria M.Opro
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22226

Emerging role of Magnesium in Modern Anaesthesia, Analgesia, Obstetrics & critical care.
Manisha Kapdi 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22227 

Prospective Study of Non Invasive Ventilation in Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Hemang Suthar,  Sunita Solanki,  Keyur Panasara
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22228 

Utility of Blood Indices and Parameters for Differentiating Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Β-Thalassemia Trait by Calculating Various Discriminant Function
Harsha Gajjar, Nanda jagrit,  Ankita kacha,  Nirja shah 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22229 

Retrospective Study of Seroprevalence of Transfusion Transmissible Infections  Among Blood Donors in a Tertiary Care Centre in Thane District of Maharashtra
Vaibhav Bari, Shivkumar Kori and Milind Ubale 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22230 

Analysing the Clinical Profile of Influenza A(h1n1) Infected Patients : Oct 2018-Feb  2019, Ahmedabad, India 
Khushali L. Patel , Janki Makani , Hardik Patel 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22231

Clinical Profile and Comorbidities in Obese Patient
Kaushika chaudhari , Sangeeta Rathod,Vikas Nayi, Archita patel
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22232

Metformin Induced Vitamin B12 Deficiency Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Ranjita V. Gaur1*, Dimple Patel2, 3Rohit Zariwala
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22233 

Management of Metacarpal Shaft Fracture With Cerclage Wiring and Its Outcome
Sankit Shah, Nilesh Ghelani,  Arvind Kaushal,  Hardik Ponkiya, Darshil Rajgor, Shukan Kapadia
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22234

Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Effect on Severity of Asthma in Adult Patients
Sunita j. Solanki, Hemang Suthar, Bhagyashree Chaudhary, Dhruv Parmar
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22235

A Diagnosis of Salivary Gland Lesions by Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Its Histopathological Correlation
Krishna Gajera, Jalak Patel, Jayshree M. Shah
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22236 

 Histopathological Study of Prostatic Lesions
Harsha Gajjar, Aashka Shah, Biren Parikh, J.M.Shah
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22237 

A Diagnostic Role of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Its Histopathological Correlation in Malignant Breast Lesions
Krishna Kariya, Hetvi Mistry, Jayshree M. Shah
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2020.22238