2019 July TOC

Publisher: ACS Publisher
Online ISSN: 2249-7935
Print ISSN: 0975-8917
Number of issues per year: 2
Frequency: Half-Yearly
Month(s) of publication: January and June


Foundation Course in Undergraduate Medical  Curriculum 
Shaista Saiyad.

Original Articles
Prevalence of Prehypertension In Medical Professionals of Jammu
Veena Gupta, Sunny Gupta, Rupali  Parlewar

Study Of Postoperative Scrotal Oedema Following Open Inguinal Hernia  Surgery – Causative Factors and Its Prevention 
Keyur Surati,  Ronak modi, Chintan Safi, Anuj S Shah, Pragnesh Kakadia

Observational Study Of Patients Choosing Post‐abortal Contraceptive Method 
Bhavna Mewada, Mitali Tadvi, Dhruti Modi

Intestinal Stoma Experience Of 100 Cases At Tertiary Care Hospital    
Kaushal D Suthar and Viraj D Patel

Effect Of Low Dose Intrathecal Clonidine As An Adjuvant To  Hyperbaric Bupivacaine On Postoperative Analgesia In Patients  Undergoing Elective Vaginal Hysterectomy Surgeries  
Upasna Bhatia, Ekta Soni , Ankita Patel, Ishita Thaker

Study Of Correlation Of Intimal Thickness Of Carotid Artery In  Patient With Ischemic CVA Stroke.  
Brinda Mevada, Trupti M Patel, Hiren  Bhadja

Sacrococcygeal Teratoma- A Case Report  
Shivendra Agrawal, Zeel Sheth, Urvish Parikh 

Histopathological Spectrum Of Granulomatous Dermatoses  
Swati Panchal, Falguni R Shah, Jigar Suthar

Study Of Qtc Interval In Nondiabetic Subjects With Impaired Fasting  Serum Glucose and Hyperinsulinemia   
Komal K. Makwana,  Mukesh Dinkar, Hemant Mehta

A Study Of Intestinal Obstruction Conservtive V/s Surgical Management   
Asit V. Patel,Shaishav V. Patel, Swapnil O. Vanparia, Pratik Patel, Suyash Singodiya 

A Comparative Study Of Open Haemorrhoidectomy And  Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy
Kaushal D Suthar and Shireesh Ninama

A Comparative Study Between Standard I & D And Novel  Technique Incision & Loop Drainage (I & LD) 
Urvish R Parikh, Divyang Sadhwani, Shivendra Agrawal, Pooja Gwalani,  Sudhir B Chandana

A Study Of Obese Patients Admitted At A Tertiary Care Hospital 
Vikash Gupta, Harsha D Makwana,Ronak  Joshi,  Binti Patel, Advait Thakor

A Study On Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Bio-Safety Among  Healthcare Workers In A Tertiary Care Hospital, Ahmedabad  KAP study of bio-safety 
Atit Shah, Komal Dholaria, Hitarthi Mehta, Leena Patil and Jayshri Pethani

Pattern Of Injuries In Road Traffic Accidents At Ahmedabad, Gujarat: An Autopsy Based Study 
Saumil Merchant and Tejas Prajapati

Management Of 3rd Degree Hemorrhoids With Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy Vs.  Open Haemorrhoidectomy: A Prospective Randomized Study.  
Aakash G Rathod and Shaishav Patel

Comparison Of Different Doses Of Clonidine As Adjuvant To Local Anaesthetic  Agent In SupraClavicular Block For Postoperative Analgesia
Darshana Shah, Manisha  Kapdi, Sumedh Prajapati, Bansi Resident, Avani  Resident, Ronak

Contact Lens Management On Irregular Cornea.  Effect Of Contact Lenses On Cornea.  
Atanu Samanta and  Nitin V Trivedi

Comparative Study Of Medical Therapy Versus Medical Therapy With  Aspiration Of Pus In Treatment Of Liver Abscess 
Ronak Modi, Keyur Surati, Anuj S Shah, Nitin Sonagara

Substance Use Related Mental Health Literacy Among Medical  And Nursing College Students  
Nikita J. Chhatrola, Manasvi V. Jariwala, Bhaveshkumar M. Lakdawala, Falguni B. Patel and Manasvi V. Jariwala

Clinical Profile Of Patients With Seizure and Its Correlation  With EEG and Neuroimaging  
Zalak Malav Gadani and Hemang Suthar

Results and Functional Outcomes In Lower End Radius Fractures With Conventional Bridging External Fixator; Tips And Tricks
Pathik Vala, Gaurav Parikh, Bhavik Dalal, Ajay Devda and Rutvik shah

Comparison Of Dexmedetomidine Infusion/ Midazolam‐fentanyl Infusion In Monitored Anesthesia Care For Sedation & Olegamic Field For Tympanoplasty & Modified Mastoidectomy
Gargi Bhavsar, Manisha kapdi, Akruti, Prerak, Madhu

Visual Function And Subjective Perception Of Patients  With Full Thickness Macular Hole  
Helly Shah,  Samiya Kazi, Kinnari Kalaria,  Usman  Memon, Tejas Desai

Comparision Of Different Doses Of Cis Atracurium Versus Atracurium During General  Anaesthesia For Abdominal Surgeries
Nipa N Desai, Vedanshi Desai, Jagruti Satasia, T Pal

A Study Of Spectrum Of Imaging Findings On HRCT Thorax In Different Interstitial Pneumonia 
Kemy P and Dipti A

A Study of Spectrum of Findings of Magnetic Resonance Imaging  in Knee Joint Injury 
Utkarsh Kumar, Ashvinkumar Patel and Dipti Shah

To Evaluate Efficacy Of  customized Polypropylene Mesh Tape In Trans‐obturator Tape Fixation Surgery In Stress Urinary Incontinence 
Yamini Trivedi, Dhruvil Patel,  Mittal Bhabhor, Chirag Thummar

Ocular Health Assessment Of Workers In Various Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industries
Kinnari Kalari,  Vidhi Bavishi ,Helly Shah,Usman Memon, Dipali Satani

Do Females Are More Frail Than Man? A Cohort Study  
Janardan V Bhatt, Pragna Raval,  Usha Patel, Saloni , Chaitali J Bhat