Incidence of Secondary Glaucoma after Ocular Trauma Correlated With the Type of Injury

Indian Journal of Applied Basic Medical Sciences
Year: 2019, Volume: 21(A), Issue. (1), January
First page: (346) Last page: (362)
Online ISSN: 2249-7935
Print ISSN: 0975-8917

Incidence Of Secondary Glaucoma After Ocular Trauma Correlated With The Type Of Injury
Madhavi K.Malivad1, Reema Raval2*, Kintu shah3
1Senior resident, 2Associate professor, 3Assistant professor,Avataran Eye Hospital, Ex professor Shri C.H. Nagri Municipal Eye Hospital, NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad
Corresponding author email id:

Online Published on 02-Jan-2019


Purpose :To evaluate incidence of secondary glaucoma in post traumatic cases and correlates with the type of injury Materials & Methodology The Data was obtained from the records of 140 patient and reviewed and analysed from apr-2011 – December 2013.Results :The 32 months incidence of developing posttraumatic glaucoma was 11.39%.Need for glaucoma surgery was independtly associated withAngle+ iris injury (46 cases , 32.85%)Corneal + iris injury (15 cases , 10.71%)Lens injury (56 cases , 40%)Angle recession (21 cases,15%)Presence of optic atrophy (16 cases , 11.42%)H/o penetrating trauma(17 cases , 12.14%)Vitreal injury 7 cases ( 5% )Conclusions :This study estimates incidence 11.36% for the developing secondary glaucoma after ocular trauma associated with closed globed injury , blunt trauma. This study provides an estimate for the risk of developing glaucoma after ocular contusion in a large cohort study population and has determined several independently predictive factors that were significantly associated with development of posttraumatic glaucoma. These included poor visual acuity, advancing age , lens injury, angle recession and hyphema.


hyphema,posttraumatic glaucoma,Angle+ iris injury

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