2019 Jan TOC

Publisher: ACS Publisher
Year: (2019), Volume: 21(A), Issue. (1), January
Online ISSN: 2249-7935
Print ISSN: 0975-8917
Number of issues per year: 2
Frequency: Half-Yearly
Month(s) of publication: January and June


High Results: Up Gradation Or Degradation Of Medical Education.
Swapnali S. Kadam

Original Article
Comparative Study Of Tactile Discrimination In Completely Blind Braille Readers & Non Blind Non Braille Readers
C. Maitra, Manasi Bhase, Swapnali Kadam

Audiological Findings In Various Personallistening Devices Users And Non Users
Lopa Vaidya and  N.J.Shah

Effect Of Contact Lens Correction On Tear Film:
Atanu Samanta and Nitin V Trivedi
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.9

A Study Of Head Injury Patients Admitted In The Emergency Room.
Mehul Gajjar, Harsha Makwana, Malhar Madariya, Advait V. Thakor
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.10

A Study Management Of acute Pancreatitis; Role Ofrecent Criteria In Prognosis And Management Of Acute Pancreatitis
Kaushal D. Suthar, Sruja D. Narola, Jay Pandya, Kush Shah 
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.11

A Comparative Study Of Cal (computer Assisted Learning) Versus Conventional Method For Teaching Experimental Pharmacology.
Gurusharan H Dumra, Chetan Parmar, Sheetal Kamol, A J Singh
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.12

Intra-Operative Assessment Of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Keyur Surati, Aakash Ratho, Anuj S Shah, Chintan Saf, Dip H Joshi
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.13

FNAC In Diagnosis Of Breast Lesion 
Bijali Chakrabarti, Himaxi Rathod, J. M. Shah
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.14

Comparison Of Intravenous Tramadol And Intravenous Clonidine On Post Spinal Anaesthesia Shivering
Gargi M. Bhavsar, Rupal Kapadia, Jyotsana Sirohi, Mulani Akash
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.15

Comparative Study Of 3*ed95 Rocuronium Versus Succinylcholine A Intubating Agent In A Pediatric Patient
Shruti Desai and Manisha S. Kapdi
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.16

A Comparative Study On Outcome Of Midline Laparotomy Wound Closure
Pratik H. Vyas, Jaykumar B. Pandya, Shruja D. Narola
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.17

Conscious Sedation With Dexmedetomidine/ Midazolam Infusion In Patients With Intrathecal Bupivacaine For Infraumbilical Surgeries.
Devanshi Shah and Manisha kapdi
doi:  10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.18

Study Of Young Adults With Acute Myocardial Infarction In Reference To Risk Factors And Short-Term Outcome.
Brinda Mevada, Avani Chavda, Hiren Bhadja
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.19

Clinical and Laboratory Profile Of Patients With Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Henil Shah,  Jay Mehta, Leena Dabhi
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.20

Reproductive Tract Infection (RTIS) Resulting In To Gynaecological Morbidity
Sanatkumar T. Sahita, Bharatiben C. Purohit
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.21

Etiology of Visual Impairment and Blindness and Demographic Profile of Affected Individuals
Sonal Kochhar Suri, Bodhraj Dhawan, Rhutuja Deo, Anmol Kochhar
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.22

Cyto-Histopathological Correlation Of Breast Lesions – A Retrospective Analysis Of 2 Years.
Kavita Sane, Sandhya Bholay, Vaibhav Bari,Shivkumar Kori
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.23

A Comparative Study of USG And CT Scan Evaluation of Patient of Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis
Deepak Rajput,  Himani R. Virapara, Ravikumar Bokarvadia
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.24

Prevailing Knowledge about Stroke Symptoms and Treatment Options Among the Relatives of Non-Stroke Patients
Mehul Gajjar, Bhavesh Jarwani, Adwait Thakor, Nolesh Patel, Rushi Patel
doi: 10.26860/IJABMS.2018.30.20A.25

Incidence of Secondary Glaucoma after Ocular Trauma Correlated With the Type of Injury
Madhavi K.Malivad, Reema Raval, Kintu shah

Accommodative Status in Amblyopes and Its Effect on Quality of Life
Aloe Gupta, Ria Fulwani,  Nitin Trivedi

Analysis and Outcomes of Plating Versus Nailing In Humerus Shaft Fractures: A Prospective Comparative Study
Gaurav Parikh, Pathik Vala, Bhavik Dalal, Ajay Devda

The Efficacy of Dexamethasone Added as an Adjuvant to Local Anesthetic In Brachial Plexus Block For Postoperative Analgesia
Pauravi T. Bhat,  Rebecca Jacob, Nupur Doshi, Maitry Patel

A Study to Assess Relationship Between Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Blood Groups
Shilpa Menat and Neeta Mehta

Study of Cases of Pulmonary Embolism at A Tertiary Care Hospital
Yashdip D Patel, Harsha D Makwana, Ronak Joshi, Sanjay kumar Solanki,  Advait Thakore

Analytical Evaluation of Drug Package Inserts
Sanskruti J Patel, Gurusharan H. Dumra, Adarshjit Singh

Facio Maxillary Fractures Attended in A Tertiary Care Hospital.
Meeta Bathla, Hiren Doshi, Aniket Kansara, Atul Kansara, Neha Baga

Diagnostic Value of Plain Abdominal Radiograph In Non Traumatic Causes of Acute Abdomen
Deepak Rajput and Aashaka Patel

Baseline Observations of Medical Camp at Elderly House With NSS Cadets Of AMC MET Medical College Ahmedabad
Janardan V Bhatt