A Study on Investor Perception About Systematic Investment plan (SIP) in the city of Mumbai.

Gyan Management Journal
Year: 2020(Jul-Dec), Volume: (14), Issue. (2)
First page: (28) Last page: (43)
Online ISSN: A/F
Print ISSN: 2250-348X

A Study on Investor Perception About Systematic Investment plan  (SIP) in the city of Mumbai.

Dr.Rajinder S.Aurora

1Faculty of Finance, ICFAI Business School, Mumbai.

Corresponding author email id:

17 Dec 2020

14 Dec 2020

Online Published:
20 Dec 2020

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Systematic investment plan (SIP) has emerged at alternative investment plan for large number of  investors interested in high returns but less risk with investments made gradually in Mutual Funds &  Stocks.  The study  aims  is  to  find  out  the  factors  that  motivate  investors  to  invest  in systematic  investment plan and the problem they face in this scheme.  A sample of 100 respondents who invest  through SIP belonging to the commercial Capital of India – Mumbai in Maharashtra has been taken for  the purpose of the study. The data has been collected from primary sources using a questionnaire  evolved for this study. The collected data has been analyzed using various statistical tools. Results of the  study found that for higher return with low risk the investors are motivated to invest in systematic  investment plan. The study also concluded that knowledge and operational platform is one of the main  barrier that investor are facing of scheme. 


Investment, Mutual fund, Portfolio, Systematic investment plans, high returns. Low