The Infosys Case: Is High Severance Pay to the Top Brass justified?

Gyan Management Journal
Year: 2017(Jul-Dec), Volume: (11), Issue. (2)
First page: (115) Last page: (119)
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The Infosys Case: Is High Severance Pay to the Top Brass justified?
Prof. Dr. Rajinder Aurora1 and Prof. Silpy Gupta2

1Faculty Member, ICFAI Business School Mumbai, & Research Scholar, J]T University

Corresponding author email id:

22 Nov 2017

23 Nov 2017

Online Published:
24 Nov 2017

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The case deals with the pay controversy that rocked Infosys. The controversy was raked up with the top  brass getting hefty pay packet. This was very different than what Mr. Murthy thought about the pay  paid to the top brass. He was of the view that there should be some parity between what the lowest paid  employee earns and what the top honcho takes home. He has alluded to ‘compassionate’ capitalism,  besides raising doubts about the corporate governance practices being followed by Infosys. The issue  becomes severe in the context of Infosys, as it has been known as a company that always adhered to  healthy & transparent Corporate Governance policies.  


Infosys, Severance Pay, Corporate Governance, Compassionate Capitalism.