The Dynamism of Cyberloafing in Digital World

Gyan Management Journal
Year: 2017(Jul-Dec), Volume: (11), Issue. (2)
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The Dynamism of Cyberloafing in Digital World
Dr. Rupinder Bir Kaur

1Assistant Professor, University Business School, Punjab University, Chandigarh

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10 Nov 2017

11 Nov 2017

Online Published:
21 Nov 2017

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Internet is undoubtedly a necessity and its dependency is increasing every day in digital era. It has  become a vital tool for communication and information sharing. Be it an employee, a student or any  other individual in the organizations, the advantages of internet are manifold. The computer  intervened communication has revolutionized the work environment since many decades now.  However the distraction of internet users in work settings is also gaining concern. The use of internet  for Non-work related activities has raised various concerns especially for organizations and  educational institutions. Different researchers have given varied terms to this process of deviance such  as non-work-related computing (NWRC), Cyberslacking, internet deviance, Cyber deviance, internet  abuse, internet addiction etc. Cyberloafing is the technical term given to any voluntary activity of using  web access and engaging in non-work related activities on a regular basis at the place of work.  Cyberloafing is generally conceptualized as a form of workplace production deviance because these  activities are conducted during work time and leads to unproductive use of time and distract  employees from completing their work demands. Earlier studies have suggested that Cyberloafing is  very prevalent and is definitely a cause of concern. The present paper discusses the literature review on  the dynamics of Cyberloafing and its prevalence in organizations in the present digital era. The paper  attempts to different cyber loafing behaviors and activities prevalent in the organizations in this  digital era.  


Internet, Communication, Information sharing, Cyberloafing, Digital Era.