Factors Influencing ICT Utilization in Select Institutions of Higher Education in India

Gyan Management Journal
Year: 2016 (Jul-Dec), Volume: (10), Issue. (2)
First page: (09) Last page: (23)
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Print ISSN: 2250-348X

Factors Influencing ICT Utilization in Select Institutions of Higher  Education in India
Minakshi Kapoor1 and Prof (Dr.) Versha Mehta2

1Research Scholar, the Business School, Universityof]ammu,Jammu lj&K)
2Professor, the Business School, University of]ammu,Jammu lj&K) 
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28 Sep 2016

11 Oct 2016

Online Published:
12 Nov 2016

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The organizations worldwide, due to ever increasing constraints on time and space are increasingly  recognising the need to facilitate access to services through the exchange of information using  information and communication technologies. It has been seen based upon the literature review that  ICTs are used by people and organizations for their information processing and communication  purposes in a relatively simple and basic manner, however, its utilization has not been so valuable. In  this context and background, the present study investigates a set of factors and their influence on /CT  utilization in select organizations in the higher education sector. A sample of 150 respondents from the  University of jammu and Panjab University have been surveyed to identify the factors affecting the  users’ intention to use ICTs. The factor analysis has resulted in a total of 11 factors having 45 items in  all. The data thus collected has been analyzed using different statistical techniques which includes  descriptive statistics i.e. mean and standard deviation. The paper has established the relationships  between variables viz. attitude, belief, self-efficacy, accessibility, ease of use and so on for the utilization  of information technologies.  


 JCT Utilization, Intention, Task-Technology Fit, Individual Context, Organizational  Context, Higher Education.