Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences Zoology-current issue

Histopathological Effects of Sublethal Dose of Dichlorvos on Nerve Cord and Chloragogen Tissue of Eisenia fetida
Yasha Yadav1 and Vineeta Shukla*

Morphology and Surface Ultrastructure of the Olfactory Rosette of a Hillstream Fish, Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)
Kiran Kumari1 and Tapan K. Ghosh* 

Diversity and abundance of wild bees (Hymenoptera: Apoïdea) foraging the flowers of Hedysarum flexuosum: Insight through three successive follow-up seasons in Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria)
Ikhlef Hassina* , Aouar-Sadli Malika2 , Korichi Yamina3 ,Medjdoub-Bensaad Ferroudja4

Study of Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Type 2 Diabetic Model of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Shovit Ranjan* ,Praveen Kumar Sharma2 

Autogenicity and Precocious Development of Sturdynema multiembryonata (Upadhyay, 2017) in Xenentodon cancila (Osteichthyes: Belonidae) from the Gangetic Ecosystem
Sushil Kumar Upadhyay*

Effect of Living Environment on Health: A Prospective Study
Rashmi Rekha* , Usha Kumari2 , Ajeet Kumar3

A Statistical Approach for Production of Pectinase through Optimization of Process Factors Using Mutant Strain of Bacillus subtilis
Ram Balak Mahto* , Mukesh Yadav2 , Biswanath Bhunia3

A Comparative Hepatoprotective Effect of Liraglutide and Nano Extracts of Ficus carica and Olea europaea Leaves on Diabetes-Induced in Laboratory Animals
Laila A Hummdi* , Safa H Qahl2 

Potato Aphids and Their Natural Enemies in Tizi-Ouzou Northern of Algeria: Biodiversity and Importance
Ait Amar Samia* ,Benoufella-Kitous Karima2 ,Tahar Chaouche Souad3 

Survey of awareness of diabetes mellitus (Type-2) among Muzaffarpur Population, Bihar
Rashmi Rekha* ,Usha Kumari2 

An Efficient Method of Genomic DNA Extraction and Quantification from Insects
Dipti Kashyap* and Kamal Jaiswal 

Morpho-molecular Characterization of Proteocephalus vitellaris Verma, 1928 (Cestoda: Proteocephalidea) Infecting a Freshwater Fish, Bagarius yarrelli Sykes, 1839 Inhabiting Harike Wetland, Punjab, India
Deepika Jasrotia1 , Harpreet Kaur*  and Shashi Aggarwal2

The Anatomical Structure of the Medicinal Raw Material Acorus Calamus L. in the Conditions of Culture of the Samarkand Region (Uzbekistan)
Y.Sh. Tashpulatov* 

One Pot Synthesis of Physico-chemically Stabilized ZnO Nanoparticles via Biological Method and its Potential Application as Antimicrobial Agent
Manoj Singh1 , Renu2 , Seema Kamboj3 , Sunil Kumari4 ,Vikas Kamboj5 , Sushil Kumar Upadhyay* 

Assessment of Microbial Burden on Vegetable Salads for Food Safety and Human Health
Sushil Kumar Upadhyay* 

Physico-chemical Analysis of Two Fresh Water Ponds of Hajipur, Vaishali District of Bihar
Vijay Kumar* 

Immunoinformatic Approach for Development of Synthetic Peptide Vaccine from Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein of Brugia malayi
Somnath Balbhim Waghmare* 

A Comparative Study of the Nutrient Intake by Anaemic and Non Anaemic Adolescent Girls (16-18 years)
Pearl D’Souza* 

Den Site Selection by Golden Jackal (Canis aureus) in a Semi Arid Forest Ecosystem in Western India
Pooja Chourasia* 

Evaluation of Nonsynonymous Single Nucleotide Variations in NOS2 Gene Identified Through Whole Exome Sequencing: A Bioinformatics Approach
Nallur B Ramachandra*

Anomalies in Biochemical Constituents of Kidney in Arsenic induced Mystus vittatus
Ashok Kumar Verma*

Rapid Identification of Clinical Isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae using MALDI-TOF MS from North India
Sushil Kumar Upadhyay*

Glycogen Content and In Vitro Glycogen Consumption in Sheep Cestode Moniezia expansa (Rudolphi, 1805)
Archana Gupta*

Anti-Hypertensive and Anti-Microbial Activity of Protein Hydrolysate Obtained from Seven Edible Insects
Sharmila Banu Gani*

An Ethical Overview of Animal Welfare and the Use of Antibiotics
Samuel Akpan Bassey*

Examining the Ethics of Research in Animal Experimentation
Samuel A. Bassey* 

Effectiveness of Hand wash and Sanitizer: COVID19
Neha Munjal*