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Medical and Nursing Journals:

  • Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine

  • International Journal of Nursing Education

  • Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development

  • International Journal of Physiology

  • Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

  • International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing

  • Medico Legal Update

  • International Journal of Contemporary Microbiology

  • Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

  • International Journal of Contemporary Pathology

  • International Journal of Contemporary Medicine

  • Indian Journal of Applied-Basic Medical Sciences

Agriculture Journals:

  • Journal of Eco-friendly Agriculture

  • Indian Journal of Extension Education

Veterinary Sciences:

  • Indian Journal of Veterinary Sciences & Biotechnology

  • The Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction

  • Indian Journal of Animal Production and Management

Food Science and Technology:

  • Journal of Meat Science

  • Journal of Food and Dietetics Research

Social Sciences and Humanities:

  • South Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities


  • International Journal of Rehabilitation and Special Education (IJRSE)

Hospitality and Applied Sciences:

  • PUSA Journal of Hospitality and Applied Sciences

Management and Business:

  • Gyan Management Journal

  • Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media (TJMITM)

Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine:

  • Advancements in Homeopathic Research


  • Current Horticulture

Plant Sciences:

  • Journal of Plant Disease Sciences

  • Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences- Botany

Physical Sciences:

  • Applied Biological Research

  • Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences-Chemistry

  • Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences – Physics

Geology and Earth Sciences:

  • Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences-Geology

Mathematics and Statistics:

  • Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences- Mathematics and Statistics

Zoology and Animal Sciences:

  • Animal Reproduction Update

  • Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences- Zoology


  • Trinity Law Review

Library and Information Sciences:

  • Library Progress (International)


  • Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media (TJMITM)

Extension and Communication:

  • Journal of Extension Systems (JES)


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